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Generations of the Marsh Family in Prince George’s, Carroll and Baltimore Counties, Maryland

Originally compiled by Edward Everett Marsh, 1957;
revised and expanded by
Judith Marsh Adam, 2002.

GILBERT MARSH (1st generation) was the probable progenitor of the family, and was in Maryland by Aug 1694.  He died in Prince George’s Co., MD by 19 Feb 1724/5 (date of probate).  He may have been a soldier before 1682, paid for his services out of an assessment levied by the General Assembly for the public good.  His wife is believed to have been Elizabeth ATHEY (or ATHY), born in Prince George’s Co. MD, daughter of George Athey and Ann (-?-) of Galway, Ireland.  The son of Gilbert MARSH and Elizabeth ATHEY is believed to be John MARSH.

JOHN MARSH (2nd generation), believed to be the son of Gilbert MARSH and Elizabeth ATHEY, was b. c1667 and was alive in March 1727 when he deposed, giving his age as 60.  He was in Baltimore Co. by 10 July 1724 when he patented 200 acres called Marsh’s Victory.  He married, but the name of his wife is unknown.  His son is believed to be John MARSH.

JOHN MARSH (3rd generation), believed to be the son of John MARSH and ‘mother unknown’, was b. c1685 and died in Baltimore Co. in c1750.  He married Ann KING, daughter of Richard King and Mary (-?-).  In Oct 1727 Richard King conveyed to his daughter Ann (King) Marsh a 50-acre tract of land, White Hall.  John MARSH and Ann KING were the parents of:  Richard, b. c1715; John, b. c1718, living in 1743; Gilbert, b. c1722/23, bapt. St. Paul’s Parish on 17 March 1733/34, married Lavinia Bucknam/Buckingham in ST. Paul’s Parish 20 Feb 1747; Aquila, b. c1724; and Thomas, b. c1726 and was buried 7 Aug 1801, married Sophia Corbin on 10 March 1745. In 1750 Thomas owned a 171-acre part of Valley of Jehosophat, 43 acres called Marsh’s Ridge, 112 acres called Eagle’s Nest, and 300 acres called Charles’ Neighbor (Balt. Co. Debt Book 1750).  In 1783 he owned 200 acres (unnamed) in Gun Powder Upper Hundred, with 6 free males and no white inhabitants. In 1798 he is listed in Upper Gunpowder and Mine Run Hundreds as owning 280 acres with a dwelling house made of stone.  Thomas and Sophia were the parents of John, Joshua, Thomas, David, Benedict, Clement, Temperance (m. by c1801, James Bosley), Achsah (m. by 1801, Jacob Store), Beale, Prudence, Sophia (m. by 1801, Benjamin Hendon), and Elizabeth (m. Joseph Winks).

RICHARD MARSH Sr. (4th generation), son of John MARSH and Ann KING, was b. c1715.  He was a farmer and in 1750 owned 200 acres called Marsh’s Victory, as well as White Hall inherited from his mother.  On 23 Feb 1778 during the Revolutionary War, Richard Marsh Sr. signed the Oath of Fidelity to the State of Maryland in the Patapsco Upper Hundred District of Baltimore Co.  He died in Baltimore Co. about 1782, but the place of his burial is unknown.  Richard Marsh Sr. married Ann ROBERTS after Nov. 1736 and their son was Richard MARSH.

RICHARD MARSH Jr. (5th generation), son of Richard MARSH and Ann ROBERTS, was b. c1750 in Baltimore Co. MD.    He was a farmer and a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  During the Revolutionary War he served as a Second Lieutenant in Soldiers’ Delight Battalion, Baltimore County Militia.  He was commissioned on 6 June 1776.  He married Barbary LOUDENSLAGER in Baltimore Co.  She was b. c1763 at Boring in Baltimore Co. and was the daughter of Philip and Barbary Loudenslager.  Philip Loudenslager (b. abt. 1730, d. 1797/98) and his wife had emigrated from Germany to Pennsylvania in 1749, arriving at Philadelphia on the ship Albany.  The family moved down through Lehigh Co. PA into Baltimore Co. MD abt. 1756/57.  [In 1810 a section of land in Baltimore City was leased by Jacob Loudenslager, a butcher and innkeeper, and the area was subsequently referred to as Loudenslager’s Hill.  In the War of 1812 the British forces were stopped at Loudenslager’s Hill during the defense of Baltimore.  “The chief fortifications constructed by the citizens were two long lines of breastworks, extending from Harris’ Creek northward across Loudenslager’s or Hampstead Hill (now the site of Patterson Park), about a mile in length, along which at short distances semi-circular batteries were thrown-up, armed with cannon field carriages,” (History of Baltimore City and County, J. Thomas Scharf).]  Philip LOUDENSLAGER conveyed part of his first tract of land known as Heidelberg to his daughter.  She passed it on to her children after her death at Boring, Baltimore Co. on 13 May 1821.  She is buried at Dover Methodist Church Cemetery.  Richard Marsh died at Boring 13 December 1797 and is also buried at Dover Methodist Church Cemetery.  Richard Marsh and Barbary Loudenslager were the parents of Elizabeth, b. c1784; Andrew (Andreas), b. 30 Nov 1786, d. Dec 1820; Mary, b. c1788; John George, b. 19 April 1793, d. 5 May 1869; Philip, b. 12 Oct 1797, d. July 1868; Henry; Catherine; Solomon; Richard.

JOHN GEORGE MARSH (6th generation), son of Richard MARSH and Barbary LOUDENSLAGER, was b. 19 April 1793 on a farm about 5 miles northeast of Reisterstown, near the village of Boring, in Baltimore Co.  He was baptized 4 August 1793 at Zion Lutheran Church (now Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church) in Manchester MD.  On 25 August 1814, during the War of 1812, he entered the Army as a private, and was assigned to Captain Eli Stocksdale’s Company of Infantry, 36th Regiment, Eleventh Brigade, Maryland Militia.  In less than a month after his induction into the service, Fort McHenry was bombarded by the British fleet; while at the same time, a British Army division launched an unsuccessful attack on the City of Baltimore from North Point.  He was honorably discharged from the Army at Camp Deal, Baltimore, on 7 Dec 1814.  He was a farmer and for a time proprietor of an inn, the Finksburg Tavern, in Baltimore Co. (sold to his son, John, in 1859).  He purchased tracts of land known as Christians Chance, Endrions Hills and Dales, and sections of Broads Enlargement and Better Saved Than Lost.  He died 5 May 1869 and is buried in the family plot of his son, John, in Westminster Cemetery, Carroll Co.  John George MARSH married Sarah GRIFFITH on 16 June, 1819 in Baltimore Co. and their children were  John, b. 1823, d. 21 April 1899 (married Louisa Jane Meyers); George, b. 1825, d. 14 April 1905; Richard, b. 1827/28, d. 27 Dec 1863; and Mary (married Caleb Pearce).

GEORGE MARSH (7th generation), son of John George MARSH and Sarah GRIFFITH, was b. 1825 in Baltimore Co.  He was a carpenter and followed that occupation most of his life.  He married Phoebe Ann TOVELL on 9 April 1850 in Baltimore Co., the Rev. Cole officiating.  She was the daughter of George Lafayette and Nancy (Trego) Tovell and was born 5 July 1827.  Mrs. Marsh was a member of the Society of Friends (Quakers) but after her marriage, she joined the Episcopal Church.  She died 14 January 1885 at 331 North Mount Street, Baltimore, at the age of 57, and is buried at Loudon Park Cemetery.  During the early years of their marriage the family lived near Reisterstown, in Baltimore Co. and operated a farm in the Worthington Valley.  They were members of St. John’s in the Valley Church.  At the time the Civil War began in 1861, they were living near Harrisonville.  In 1870 Mr. Marsh was managing a hotel at Randallstown.  About 1872 they moved to Baltimore and resided at 160 Scott Street, moving later to 30 Patterson Avenue (now Laurens St.).  They were members of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Gilmor and Tenant Streets (now Riggs Ave.).  George Marsh remained in Baltimore until after the death of his wife in 1885.  Their children were Sarah Ann (Marsh) Evans (b. 19 Dec. 1850, d. 6 Feb. 1938); George Tovell Marsh (b. 18 Aug. 1853, d. 31 Jan. 1938); Fanny Mary Marsh (b. 1856, d. 1875); Henry Marsh (b. 4 Oct. 1858, d. abt. 1893); Edward Everett Marsh (b. 27 Jan. 1861, d. 9 Dec. 1903); Ella Virginia Marsh (b. 9 Feb. 1865, d. in infancy; William Lee Marsh (b. 16 July 1867, d. 8 May 1918); John Percy Marsh (b. 12 November 1869, d. 22 Jan. 1902).
 Mr. Marsh contracted a second marriage with Nancy Ann (Wentz) Crowl, the widow of Henry Crowl, on 21 May 1885 at Baltimore MD.  The ceremony was performed by the Rev. J.C. Burke.  No children were born from this union.  After their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Marsh moved to Penn Township, Pennsylvania.  Nancy Ann Crowl was b. 7 Oct. 1835 at Westminster, Carroll Co. She died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Fanny R. Bittinger, at Grangevill (Penn Township, near Hanover), York Co., PA, on 13 Feb. 1915, at the age of 79.  She was buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Hanover, with the Rev. A.M. Heilman, Pastor of St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, officiating at the funeral.  It was said that in his later years, Mr. Marsh was interested in the invention of a perpetual motion machine and he spent much time in his workshop experimenting with this idea.  George Marsh died at the home of his stepdaughter, Mrs. Fanny R. Bittinger, in Grangeville, on 14 April 1905, in the 80th year of his age.  The Rev. Doctor J.C. Koller, Pastor of St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, conducted the funeral services.  He is buried at Loudon Park Cemetery in Baltimore MD.

John Percy Marsh (8th generation), son of George Marsh and Phoebe Ann Tovell, was b. 12 Nov. 1869 in Baltimore Co., d. 22 Jan. 1902.  After moving with his parents and siblings to Baltimore City in about 1872, he eventually followed his father’s profession and became a woodworker.  John Percy Marsh married Lilly Augusta COLHOUER (b. Dec. 1874, d. 8 July 1904) on 9 August 1897 in Baltimore City.  Lilly Augusta (Colhouer) Marsh was a granddaughter of Henry Kohlhauer, who came from Braunfels, Hesse, Germany to Philadelphia PA in 1804.  John Percy Marsh and Lilly Augusta Colhouer lived in Baltimore City at 2013 Hollins Ave. for the short period of their marriage, until both succumbed to tuberculosis.  Their children were Lily Mae, b. 29 Sept. 1898, d. 7 May 1964; and Elizabeth Phoebe, b. 1900, d. 26 Oct. 1954.  The orphaned children were raised by their maiden aunts, Mary Elizabeth and Ida May Colhouer.

Lily Mae Marsh (9th generation), daughter of John Percy Marsh and Lilly Augusta Colhouer, was b. 29 Sept. 1898 in Baltimore City MD, d. 7 May 1964 in Atlantic City NJ.  She married Adolph John ASHER, b. 6 Sept. 1897, d. 29 March 1934, the son of John Harry Asher of Harford Co. and Mary Rosedelema (Holzer) Asher of Baltimore City.  [Her father, Adolph Hans Holzer, emigrated to the United States from Alsace-Lorraine, France, in 1865.  Her mother, Margaret (Grady) Holzer emigrated from Ireland at an earlier date.]  Adolph John Asher was an expert billiards competitor, known to his friends and colleagues as ‘Ace’.  In 1919, at the age of twenty-two, he began his career as a cashier for the Baltimore and Philadelphia Steam Boat Company.  In 1934, the year of his death, he was Senior Auditor of the company.  The children of Lily Mae MARSH and Adolph John ASHER were Dorothy Elizabeth Asher, b. 6 July 1920; and Lillie May Asher, b. 6 July 1921.

All enquiries should be sent to Bill Marsh, who will forward them to the originator.